Atom Text Editor

The Atom text editor has become my editor of choice. It’s flexible, fast, and most importantly, free. The Atom text editor was released by GitHub and it has a focus on developers. Using Atom also makes sense if you have Git in your workflow. I’ve put together a few tutorials that cover packages, settings, and more. Read the tutorials at gamebuildingtools.com/category/atom-text-editor.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK allows developer to deploy apps almost anywhere. The list include iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows Phone 8, Mac desktop, Windows desktop. You can even publish to Steam. I use Corona SDK personally and professionally and to help other learn, I’ve put together tutorials that cover game development to general app development. Read more about Corona SDK at gamebuildingtools.com/category/corona-sdk/.

Using Lua

I’ve written and published a few articles about the Lua programming language. These articles are platform independent and tackle some common issues that other developers may run into. Read the articles at gamebuildingtools.com/category/using-lua.