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Western 6-Shooter Gunman


Blaze a trail to your next shoot-em-up game with this western shooter. Available on a virtual download in three animated movements- this sharp shooter can walk, attack, and die which makes him the best out-and-outer for western, cowboy, shoot-out, fighting and gunslinging games.



Hold ’em up, pardner! Better watch out for this widow-maker’s 6 shooter! This old-school style western gunman is tearing up the town with a sprite sheet complete with walking, attacking, and dying animations. This rough rider is roundup ready for your next western style game. Pit the good guys again’ the bad guys and let ’em shoot it out. The western gunman sprite comes in a png transparency file and is pert near perfect for gun fighting, shoot-em-outs and shoot-em-dead scenes. This buckaroo will show you exactly how the west was won.


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