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Uplifting by Cafofo


An uplifting track by Cafofo.

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Uplifting is a fun, light, almost airy track that will boost your mood. You can also use it to boost the mood of your players and set the ambience.


Uplifting Sample


Copyright/Attribution Notice:

Music by Estudio Cafofo http://estudiocafofo.com

About Estudio Cafofo

Estudio Cafofo developed a game in 2015 that unfortunately was never released. The project was a diverse project and included music for a variety of styles. The game included an original sound track that was never released. Estudio Cafofo has been kind enough to release the musical materials for free so game developers like yourself can benefit from their hard work. All they ask is for you to credit them. If you end up using their works, please let them know!


cc-byCC-BY 3.0

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