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Ninja User Interface Kit


A silent, stealthy, free ninja looking user interface kit.

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This ninja user interface kit brings to you a set of free elements that you can use in your game. Although I designed the original based on a ninja based theme, you can use these graphics in almost any type of genre.

This UI kit includes a series of icons that you can use throughout your game. Additional items include:

  • Normal and Retina versions of each element
  • Health and Mana Bars (you can also use the mana bar as a power bar for ninja specific skills)
  • An Attack and Defense Rating System
  • A simple directional pad
  • Stars for rating each level completed
  • An A, B, C, D style keyboard for attacking, jumping, rolling, and diving

If you like ninjas and you need a user interface kit, then grab this virtual download! Don’t forget to link back to gamebuildingtools.com!


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