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Future User Interface Kit


A futuristic user interface kit that you can use in your app.

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This futuristic user interface kit is a perfect fit for your next mobile app. Set in the far off future, you can set the look and feel for your game by using the slick graphics included with this virtual download. Each element has already been split up and separated into normal and retina versions so you can just drop them into your app. This user interface kit includes:

  • A set of individual icons that will allow you for true customization of your app
  • A set of status bars for shields, energy, money, and star power
  • A level select sample set
  • Series of difficulty buttons
  • A virtual d-pad
  • Upgrade icons
  • And More!

Although this UI kit was designed for futuristic style of mobile games, you can feel free to use this in many different types of genres. Grab this virtual download and don’t forget to link back to gamebuildingtools.com!


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