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Dragon Sprite Sheet


Roar! A royalty free dragon sprite sheet for your next flying adventure.


This Dragon Sprite Sheet is perfect for your next game! Whether it’s an endless side scroller, arcade shooter, or a fantasy dragon fighting game, this dragon sprite sheet can fit right into your designs.

This sprite sheet includes 7 different states of the flying dragon. The different states of the dragon are:

Flying: in this state, the dragon is flying normally by flapping his wings

Game Over: this state is perfect for a game over scene

Star Dizzy: can the dragon be hit before being destroyed? Then the star dizzy state is a great way to show this off in your game.

Normal Dizzy: or maybe you just need a quick way to show the dragon just received a quick hit!

Shoot: every dragon can you shoot fireballs!

Shock: did the dragon get hit by lightning? get shocked? maybe just a little static electricity? No matter what the case, this shock state shows off the versatility of the dragon sprite.

Defeated: in any game, the enemy can be defeated and this defeated state is the perfect way to show it off

This dragon sprite sheet is split up into neatly organized folders with each frame as a separate png file.


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