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Corona Starfighter for Corona SDK


Corona Starfighter is a simple game template built for Corona SDK. This free game template will teach you about scene management, touch controls, and how to destroy the bad guys!


Corona Starfighter is a game template that I coded specifically for Corona SDK. I wanted to provide a free template for developers just getting starting with this game engine. In Corona Starfighter, the player is pitted against an endless swarm of enemy ships and it’s up to the player to shoot down as many as he or she can. For each enemy ship shot down, the player will earn one point, but watch out! If the player is hit, it’s going to be game over.

This game template will teach you about the following topics:

  • Scene management – Corona Starfighter consists of a menu and a game scene. The game template shows you how to switch between scenes and how to ‘reset’ the game scene.
  • Touch controls – the player ship is controlled by the player moving their finger left and right on the screen. You’ll learn how to apply this functionality to your game.
  • Shooting bullets – an essential part of the game is the player shooting bullets at enemies and with a transition.to(), this template will teach you how.
  • Physics – no, not the kind with a bunch of math. You’ll be learning how to use physics to add physics body and how to detect collisions.
  • And so much more!

The code for this game is well commented, at least I think it is, and by reading the comments, you can learn by doing. Stop with the hello world lessons and dive into something more fun!


This game template is compatible with most modern devices. I tested this game on the various skins offered with the simulator.

Improvements you can make

  • Instead of making the player sink or swim, you could create instructions within the game. The instructions could explain how to control the ship and how to score.
  • Currently, when an enemy ship flies past the player, nothing happens. You could create a new function that would either decrease the player score or make it a game over state.
  • You could also add some additional enemies to the game. If you were up to it, you could even add a boss!


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