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Corona Coin Drop for Corona SDK


5.00 out of 5

Corona Coin Drop features simple coin dropping game mechanics to teach you how to implement physics, collisions, and more. This template was built using Corona SDK.


Corona Coin Drop is a game template that was specifically built for Corona SDK. This template is a learning tool and you can follow the upcoming tutorial series at Corona SDK Tutorials. This tutorial, which will be released in early September, will teach you how to create a game similar to Corona Coin Drop.

The gameplay is simple. The player uses the built-in accelerometer to move the character left and right. For each coin caught, the player receives one point. For each coin missed, the player will have one point deducted from their score. You’ll use physics collisions to detect when the coin hits the player and when the coin hits the floor.

This game template will teach you about the following topics:

  • Scene Management – Corona Coin Drop is built using two scenes and you’ll get a better understanding of how to switch scenes.
  • Accelerometer – The player is controlled by the accelerometer and will have to tilt their device left and right to move the player. You can use an accelerometer in other interesting ways too!
  • Drop Coins – Learn how to use physics and gravity to drop coins and make them bounce off of obstacles.
  • Physics – no, not the kind with a bunch of math. You will learn about physics collisions, gravity, and other physics related stuff.
  • And so much more!

The code for this game is well commented, at least I think it is, and by reading the comments, you can learn by doing. Stop with the hello world lessons and dive into something more fun!


This game template is compatible with most modern devices. I tested this game on the various skins offered with the simulator.

Improvements you can make

  • You can offer new controls for the player such as the ability to touch and drag the character.
  • Currently, the game only drops coins. You could implement a way to drop bombs to take away points.
  • You can add some sound effects!
  • Or, you could create the ability for the player to choose a different character!


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  1. 5 out of 5

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    wow this is awesome..waiting for part 2…

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