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Circle Pop for Corona SDK


Circle Pop gives you the curve you need for some real excitement. Circle Pop is an innovative game template that is geared towards teaching you the basics of Corona SDK. Your game will be bursting with fun when you download this great game.


Circle up! Games don’t have to be square. If you are interested in game development, then sometimes doing is better than seeing. Circle Pop, built with Corona SDK using Version 2016.2906 (2016.6.21), is a game template that is free to download and use. Circle Pop generates a series of circles that the player must pop and for each popped circle, the player earns one point.

This game template will showcase how to do the following:
– Track scores
– Use composer, Corona’s official scene management library
– Use widgets, I use buttons in this template
– Create randomly generated circles
– Basics of event listeners

I’ve included some comments in my code so when you download it, you can read the comments to help make sense of the template and you will have some well rounded knowledge for Circle Pop.


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