Using Double Tap in Corona SDK

Today’s post is really short, but it’s essential. Corona SDK has a built in feature to detect double tabs. This double tap feature can be used for jumping, shooting, and so much more. Here’s the code!

local player = display.newRect(0, 0, 250, 250)
 player.strokeWidth = 3
 player:setFillColor(140, 140, 140)
 player:setStrokeColor(180, 180, 180)
 player.x = display.contentWidth/2
 player.y = display.contentHeight/2
function player:tap( event )
 if (event.numTaps >= 2 ) then
 print( "The object was double-tapped." )
 return true;
 elseif (event.numTaps == 1 ) then
 print("The object was tapped once.")
player:addEventListener( "tap" )

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