Enabling Word Wrap

I recently made the switch from Sublime Text to using the Atom text editor. I love the functionality of sublime, but version 3 has been due to come out for a long time with no release date. One of the first configurations I wanted to set was word wrap. Call it what you will, but it took me longer than it should’ve. So, I wanted to write a quick blog post on where it is.

With the Atom text editor open, click the word Atom in the top left corner (PC users might have File).

Click Preferences.

You’ll then see the settings tab open up. Scroll down towards the bottom of the settings tab and you’ll see two options for Soft Wrap and Soft Wrap At Preferred Line Length.

Soft wrap will wrap the text at the width of the open window. The second option will wrap the text at a predetermined line length such as 80 characters. You can set the number in the box for soft wrap hanging indent. It’s the small things in life that make it easier!

Daniel Williams

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