iOS 10.3 and How This Will Affect the Number of Reviews Requested

iOS 10.3 and How This Will Affect the Number of Reviews Requested

Apple loves to make changes and there’s a big one coming for developers in iOS 10.3. In the latest version of iOS, there’s been leaked information that developers will be limited in the number of review requests to three a year. Those review requests have to be using the Reviews API if the developers wants to ask the user for a rating. This API will also (in theory) give users the option of opting out of review requests entirely.

Apple most likely made this change in response to frustration. People are growing weary and frustrated of constant review pop-ups, especially if they have to leave the app to submit a review. Apple most likely feels this impacts user experiences and enjoyment and that feeling brought about this change.


Win-Win for Users and Developers

For developers, who rely heavily on ratings and reviews to drive new traffic and downloads, this may seem unfair. Thankfully, iOS 10.3 includes another change that could help convince users to leave a rating. Users will soon be able to leave a review from within the app without ever having to go to the App Store. This is a huge change because it helps to streamline the user experience and it will also help with better reviews.

Additionally, developers will be gaining the ability to directly respond to reviews. This feature has been available in Google Play for some time, but this approach could clear up user issues that result in one- or two-star ratings. Personally, I would love to urge people to reach out to customer service for bugs and issues. This shows other users that the I’m willing and able to help.

If developers plan the delivery of their three permitted review prompts carefully and respond to complaints or issues proactively, their app rating and download count could benefit. Users will certainly be glad of the reduced number of pop-ups and prompts.


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